Two Places You Need To Visit When You Arrive In Kentucky

Arrive In Kentucky

Traveling across the United States will likely lead you to some of the states you have never been to before. One of those might be Kentucky, and there are many cities that you might want to consider staying at including Bardstown, Bowling Green and Lexington. Louisville tends to be a top contender because it has quite a bit to offer from man-made caverns to Churchill Downs. It also has the Kentucky Derby, but there are a couple other places that you should consider visiting when you are traveling through the state of Kentucky.

Why Would You Want To Visit Kentucky?

There are three reasons why many people will visit Kentucky. First of all, it is centrally located between two of the most popular cities in the center of the United States. Cincinnati is very popular in Ohio, and Nashville is also a very popular tourist destination located in Tennessee. Both of these states border either side of Kentucky. If you are in either of these locations or if you are just deciding to fly in, here are the two places that you should go.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Also referred to as shaker town, it is the site where a religious community once existed. It’s a tourist destination that is very popular, one that is now part of the National Historic Landmark list, part of what was called the Second Great Awakening back in the late 1700s.


Located in Lexington Kentucky, this is a thoroughbred horse racing facility. They also have many things for sale and a reference library. It has been ranked number one by those that are experts in tracks for thoroughbred racers and has been providing nonprofit racing and auction since 1936. It’s a beautiful location, one that you should visit, even if you have never been to a racetrack before. It will be perfect for you and the kids, or just you if you are traveling alone, giving you a little bit of insight into horse racing in Kentucky.

Kentucky is just a fantastic place to visit with so many things to offer. The Mary Todd Lincoln house, the Lexington Opera House, and even the Kentucky Theater are places that you should consider going to. Whether your focus is on nature, horses, or just looking at the beautiful architecture that you will see, you can go wrong with a trip to Kentucky.