If you run a home-based business, there are some things you should consider before renting an apartment. That’s because you have to choose a place where you can live and work. Here are some things you should ask yourself before you choose an apartment rental.

1. Are You Able to Use Your Apartment for Business?

Some apartments do not allow a person to use their rental unit for business. Others don’t mind as long as you are not bringing customers to your home or manufacturing products.

In other words, they don’t mind if you run your online company from your home or do consultant work, but you can’t use your apartment to make large quantities of candles.

While it may be possible to run your online business without being discovered by the management of your apartment, you don’t want to violate your lease. If your apartment discovers you’re using your home for commercial purposes without their knowledge, they can evict you.

2. Is There Enough Space?

When setting up your home business you need to make sure you have enough space. While you can use a portion of your living space for your business, it’s better to put your business in a separate room.

If you only need one bedroom, a two-bedroom apartment would be a great idea for a home office space. If you and your partner both work at home, then a three-bedroom apartment may be a good choice, so each of your can have your office.

When you consider those additional bedrooms may add a few hundred dollars to your rental cost, you need to determine if your business can afford the expense.

3. Can You Get the Services You Need?

Your business may need high-speed internet service. Does your apartment allow you to have this type of internet service installed? If so, what is the cost?

If you want to get an additional phone line installed, will this be an issue? If so, you may consider getting a VOIP service such as Vonage for your phone calls. If not, you need to ask the apartment manager if you can get additional lines or have them installed in the unit.

An Apartment for Home-Based Business Owners

If you want to move into a new Kentucky apartment and own a home-based business, you should consider these questions. If you do, then you’ll be able to find the right sized apartment that allows you to operate your business successfully.